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It's sad because I know I will never meet him... But if I do everything I've ever dreamed of won't happen, he will never love me:(

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Irish Boys of Celtic Thunder. Ryan Kelly, Keith Harkin, Neil Byrne, Emmet Cahill, and Colm Keegan

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Jamie Dornan

Def see this guy as Bennett Ryan (Beautiful Bastard). Jamie Dornan.

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For me it's his or her but, yeah...OH!!and yiu can't forget the most important one, THEIR ACCENT

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Bright eyed and a newsboy cap with a white T! :) those eyelashes aren't hurting the pic either! ;)

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I just love how he is classy & a gentleman, yet he still has more swag than ALL of the guys at my school (who try extremely hard- while niall doesnt) x <3

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Irish Boy Names - Irish baby boys names, meanings and origins

Irish Boy Names with pronunciation audio - so you can hear how they're supposed to sound!

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lrsh boy sweater & hat 3-6 months, Irish boy sweater, Irish boy hat, Irish hat, baby Irish swearer, aran sweater,baby boy sweater

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