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Irish Music Charts

The one to watch: SA songstress Casey Leigh brings some soul to the UK After reaching the top three in the Irish music charts, Casey Leigh has set her sights on the UK music scene

A song only needs to sell 5,000 copies to top the Irish music charts. Steve Earle's version of "Galway Girl" wiped out many records. He resides in Co Galway with his Irish wife now. Remember Copperhead road?


Live for Life - Ryan Kelly For years now Celtic Thunder and its singers have dominated the world music charts, by selling pop covers of Irish folk songs and pop covers of random pop songs to Americans and Aussies. Now, here is an excellent new song with a truly 'world' sound, by Ryan Kelly, one of the Celtic Thunder singers.


This song is one of my all time favourites, written by John Farry, and beautifully sung by the great Nathan Carter. It tells the story of the famous Glenfarne Ballroom, in County Leitrim. Nathan is a superstar in the Country 'n' Irish music scene at the moment. His latest album 'Where I Wanna Be' reached No.1 in the Irish pop charts recently, which is a rare feat for an Irish country artist. Enjoy this fabulous song ! Read more

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1950 – Top 20 singles, Billboard

"When You And I Were Young Maggie' Blues" * Song, based on an Irish folk song, recorded by Bing Crosby and his son Gary in the 1950s. music and film superstar Bing Crosby, who died in 1977, was known for his mellow baritone.

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Sinéad O'Connor from Irish Celebrities

Before topping music charts, the "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer was raised in Dublin with her four siblings.


Feado'g Original Irish Penny Whistle by Feado'g Teoranta. $15.95. Music for 3 songs. Comes with a finger chart. Traditional key of D. Feadog Irish tin whistle in the key of "D'


Music Instrument and Theory Tool Visualizations. Here just one possibility for a chord chart for the DADGAD-tuned guitar, as commonly used in Irish accompaniment. This is a MOCKUP for a future DYNAMIC, in-browser chart showing the chord patterns by mode (Irish music is modal in nature). In the future, it would be automatically linked to the score.

Here a MOCKUP of a DYNAMIC chart for a 32-key Jeffries Anglo-Irish concertina, showing the LHS (ie left hand) chord patterns by mode (Irish music is modal in nature). In each chord, a blue circle represents a key 'push', red a 'pull' (the anglo concertina is a diatonic instrument). Chords are shown in the context of modal 'chord scales' common in western European folk music. This might well be implemented using a scatterplot matrix as illustrated elsewhere on this pinboard.

ARTICLE: This Music Has No Borders: Scots-Irish Music In Appalachia - about the book, "Wayfaring Strangers"charts the movement of this music from Europe to Appalachia. It’s a movement of songs and generations. (You can also listen to a radio spot about this book above the article.)