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Iron Man 3 : Quotes - Harley Keener and Tony Stark FINALLY! Evidence of my friend group's newest catch phrase!!

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#IronMan3 , It features some impressive action sequences and some of the best moments of the trilogy, but it does feel a bit like a missed opportunity.

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Your Pal, The Mechanic =) I'm The Mechanic, I fix things. makes me think of "I'm the Doctor, I help people".

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Probably the best part of Iron Man 3, next to RDJ's face of course. And HIS one liners....but still, a close third ;)

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Iron Man 3... Can I just say that this quote /scene is one of the most relatable moments ever. We've all felt like that suit, cause life can be rather cruel and burdensome.

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Honestly I hate working here, they're so weird. When character react life real people.

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This movie would have been perfect, if not for that awful ending!

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