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I am not anti church by means, but true and fair is true and fair.... REPORT THEM!!! ~ Here Is The FORM ~~

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The IRS allows deductions for expenses of caring for a service dog. This includes all expenses from feeding and vet bills, to training and equipment.

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1099 Self-Employment Rules & Deductions

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Trey Gowdy (R) SC got teary-eyed when talking about his friends and constituents that were furlowed while top IRS officials stayed in $3500 a night presidential suites on the tax payer dime.

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11 Common FAFSA Mistakes!! super super important from the official website

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‪#‎Breastfeeding‬ Tip #179 Don’t forget to save your receipts! Nursing moms get a tax break from the IRS for breastpumps and other supplies that “assist lactation”. The American Academy of Pediatrics and other breastfeeding advocates have fought for this inclusion, citing the many long-lasting health benefits of breast milk. For the complete code visit: ‪#‎bfgtips‬ ‪#‎newmom‬

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This says it all. This is what the founding fathers intended and we have let it get away. Lets get it back!

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MUST WATCH: This Woman's Congressional Testimony is Going Viral. Mary Engelbrecht business and personal life targeted, harassed and intimidated by federal gov agencies b/c of starting a political non-profit group to ensure voters rights.

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