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Is Beyonce Married

Kanye West Still Hospitalized Not Ready To Go Back Home Kanye West will remain in the hospital a little while longer as the Famous rapperisn't ready to go back home a source says the decision to stay is for the best.The source said Kanye is the kind of person if he gets released and isn't mentally ready he will go back to his old ways and push himself over the limit again. He needs to keep up with counseling even though he has an intense work schedule. He is just really drained and still…


33 Of The Most Badass Beyonce Quotes


bereavedmistress: “I’ve challenged my audience. I’ve taken them from being a drug lord to a preacher to married to Beyonce to American Gangster…versatility is the key to success.”


India is just recently married and is in love with her hubby. I imagine their relationship to be fun and cute like Jay-z and Beyonce's.

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Top 10 bridal party entrance songs

Whether you are going for an offbeat, classic, modern or vintage ceremony, you will need a stellar song for your grand bridal party entrance. Music makes a big difference during your nuptials, as it sets the pace and creates the mood you want. The song leading up to the big moment – when the bride walks down the aisle – is an important one. Like an introduction to a great speech, the bridal party song is a crucial pick for the flow of your ceremony.


I'm not that much younger than the boys so I'm good but yeah... I've had celeb crushes in guys way older than me. (Robert Downey Jr. I love him even though he's married...)


I'd say this isn't a problem, but I know it fucking is because so many men complain about how they hate the idea of marriage yet they get married. THAT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE.