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Is Donald Trump Married

He married immigrants, has kids with them and then divorces them. He is exactly the stereotype he rails against.....Not Exactly A Candidate For Family Values!

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Donald John Trump, Sr. (6/14/1946) was born in Queens, NYC. He is the son of Fred Trump, & his wife, Mary Anne (MacLeod), who married in 1936. Trump attended The Kew-Forest School, Forest Hills, NY. At age 13, after having difficulties there, his parents sent him to the NY Military Academy, hoping to direct his energy & assertiveness in a positive manner. Trump attended Fordham Univ. for 2 yrs before transferring to Wharton School of the Univ. of PA. He graduated in 1968 with a BS in…

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This is a perfect and almost exact description of two sociopaths I was unfortunate enough to have known. One even went so far as to change his name. These are the types of individuals who become involved in gang-stalking and strategically destroying other human beings. Not surprisingly, these traits are common in both politicians and murderers. This is how they operate...

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Meet Mrs Trump, the First Lady of BLING!

Melania Trump pictured at their vast Trump Tower apartment ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

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Seriously, THIS is what Our Nation is Plagued with now. There is NO Reasoning, NO Comprise, NO Intelligence but plenty of Ignorance and Hate. Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he started his Campaign of Rage and Hate with these people. They don't have the good sense to know right from wrong, that Trump is Dangerous for Our Country....Just Hate. UNBELIEVABLE STUPIDITY.

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They should be ashamed on themselves. The only decent one of them is the one who quit rather than "throw roses at Hitler."

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