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Is frozen on netflix

Tyra Banks’s Take on ‘Netflix and Chill’ Involves Frozen Dinners

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Did anyone ever notice that for the 2nd year of the show, the "Rachel" haircut was actually worn by all 3 female cast members, not just Jennifer Aniston?!?!

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Futurama, one of the funniest (and sometimes saddest-if you've seen Jurassic Bark you know what I mean) shows I have ever seen.

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26 Ron Swanson Quotes That Are Never Not Funny

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Instagram photo by alldisneyprincesses - Modern Anna Sorry about the bad quality, but I finally made a new edit! It's been really difficult trying to find inspiration lately. What season were you born in?

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Dark Chocolate Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Cold, creamy Dark Chocolate Raspberry Frozen Yogurt. Only 5 minutes, 4 ingredients, with no refined sugars & made without an ice cream maker - it's so easy and so delicious!

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15 Tumblr Posts About "Stranger Things" That'll Make You LOL

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