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Is Prince Married

I almost forget it…!! Though Christmas is over haha

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This is Hands-Down The Cutest Proposal We've Ever Seen.

"I reassured her that she will always be more than enough to make me happy and be mine. Then, I dropped to a knee, and asked my beautiful, wonderful, sweet, and amazing girlfriend to be mine forever."

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Lee Joon Gi - the photo that screams he is just waiting for you

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Beautiful wedding photo of the bride and groom. That location is gorgeous. Wedding photography | bride and groom | park wedding

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Love this lay out, only I like "this is my castle where I married my prince" and well whatever temple that may be in one day.

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Caspian: You are most beautiful. Lilliandil: If it is a distraction for you, I can change my form. Caspian and Edmund: No!

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Berta Fall 2017 : Ornate, Glamorous Wedding Dresses

Berta Fall 2017 Wedding Dress

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100 Questions Couple Should Ask Before Getting Married

Wow. These are some in depth questions, but I think going through ALL of them is necessary before marriage. Are you sure of the decision you are makinng?

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William and Kate take Prince George, Princess Charlotte to church

Prince William could be seen talking animatedly to his son as they strolled through the church yard

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This is why I love Nicholas Sparks! He has to a great husband in order to write way he does. He totally knows how to make women fall apart with his books.

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The back of this Hayley Paige Dori wedding dress and its lavender skirt blend sweet, sophistication and sexy all at once.

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Ever Wonder What A Bohemian Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Might Look Like?

TIFF's perfect wedding. This is the prettiest wedding I have seen!!!

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Queen Marie of Romania (One of Queen Victoria's grandaughters who married a European monarch and became their Queen Consort)

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THIS is Why Getting Married in Napa is Wedding Goals to the Max

Greenery and classic pink wedding in Napa: Photography: Jessica Burke -

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geode wedding cake

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