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Portrait of Islan Nettles


black -Islan Nettles Catherine Graffam - Islan Nettles was a trans woman of color who was murdered in Harlem last year because of trans misogyny. Her murderer, a white man, beat her to death on street outside of a police station and walked away without a prison sentence. Everyday trans women’s lives are in jeopardy because they simply walk outside. This series of portraits is a memorial to queer people’s lives and their struggles, and a witness to ignorance to ignorance we stil face

New Twist In Transgender Woman's Murder Case

Man pleads guilty in death of Trans woman Islan Nettles, says his ‘manhood’ was threatened

Photography by Alessandro Simonetti The weather in Manhattan on January 30 was bitter, frigid — not the kind of day you go out into if you don’t have to, least of all to a windswept plaza