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Dado que o LibreOffice respeita as normas ISO 8601 relativamente ao tema formato de representação de valores que correspondem a tempo, sempre que existem as actividades realizadas com este tipo de dado as mesmas são por defeito tratadas no formato hh:mm:ss. Consequentemente  quando pretendemos realizar operações com números no formato …

02. • Data #tygodniowa ISO #8601 Konwersja daty do formatu Daty tygodniowej, zgodnie z normą ISO 8601. #ISO8601 to międzynarodowa norma ISO określająca sposób zapisu daty i czasu. W standardzie tym używa się sformatowanych ciągów znaków ustawionych w porządku od najbardziej znaczących (rok) do najmniej znaczących (dni, sekundy lub ich części). Norma określa numeryczny format daty i czasu (bez używania nazw miesięcy, dni, tygodni i literowych oznaczeń czasu przed lub po południu).

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The #vacheronconstantin Grand Oeuvre (front) (Reference 57260) - the double-dial portable mechanical timepiece has a total of 57 complications, by Vacheron’s count. It displays three different perpetual calendar systems: a Gregorian perpetual calendar, a Hebraic perpetual calendar, and the ISO 8601 business calendar. Read more at: #watchtime #horology…


TimeVertor 1.2 It's tiny and completely free application for datetime conversion to human-readable, RFC 822, ISO 8601, UNIX Timestamp, Mac Timestamp, Microsoft Timestamp and FILETIME. #computers #software #freeware #opensource

Calender Week Number Notify Android App - , Shows the Calender Week Number in the Notification Bar, thats it :)It also shows the day of year inside the notification. And the day of the week number.The Work Week is shown also inside the Notification, so it stays everywhere in clear visible range.Features:- Shows the week number directly in the status bar- You choose the weekstart, Sunday or Monday- Day of the week inside the notification ( 12.3 = Week 12 Day 3)- Day of the…

do your photo files have dates in them? They probably should so you can easily track them and know when they were taken even if they are not in their original folder. But... the big questions is how do you put the date in the file name? Apparently there are a lot of wrong ways and one right way. The matter of dating files is not exclusive to photography and since it has such a broad scope there is a standard way of doing it. It is called ISO 8601 (now, don't get me wrong, you can name your…

Friday is the day between Thursday and Saturday. In countries adopting Monday-first conventions as recommended by the international standard ISO 8601.


Screenshot of format cells How to format date cells for ISO-8601 format in Excel