Perfect is unattainable. Your facade will always show a few cracks. Better to be honest with yourself and others. You can't do it alone. Ask for help when you need it. (View only)

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This is my motto! Don't worry about what I'm doing...I've got this. Maybe you should worry more about YOU!

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I am. Is that wrong? I think not. Hustling isn't all about money, it's about the hustle too! The grind, the perseverance, the unstoppable force that you can be! So do that, and do you! No one else can do it for you!

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The choice is to serve GOD as He has served me--- to FORGIVE OR To serve self & live like it's all about me---to stay offended, bitter, & angry judging others. Who are you serving today?

In my 20's I've learned that lesson the hard way. I give and give, and it never seems to be good enough. I try my hardest. Have felt like I didn't try at all. So today I made the decision of not caring about anyone who doesn't truly care about me. Call me a b**ch, guess what??!!! I no longer care.

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⬆️ This ⬆️ I think it's important and awesome to have a vision/goals for the future, but I never want to be so caught up in those things that I forget what God has *already* done. There was a time where I didn't even know what to dream for. I teetered on the edge of settling for just-okay, and I'm so (sooo) glad God stepped in. He had a bigger plan waiting for me. Spoiler alert: He usually does. #joyunspeakable #gritandvirtue

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