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That's when you'll know! So when they didn't come back, when you don't reunite, it's not meant to be and be happy it didn't work out because who you are meant to be with is still out there waiting for you! Don't rush, you'll find each other when the time is right, believe me, you will!


When it is all said and done and the damage has been totaled and there is nothing left of me to save, I just want to be able to say I loved you ...


I worry about you so much. I hope you're ok. I miss your laugh, listening to you talk in your sleep, and sometimes I can still hear your voice yelling that dinner is ready to me from upstairs. God I love you.


One of the things I've always been good at is being vulnerable, expressing what I feel for people and allowing myself to feel deeply. For that I live with no regrets. Even if it's not reciprocated and it breaks your heart you know that you walked in your truth. You know you gave it your all. It's so freeing.🌹 @nikishabrunson on IG