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All sugar, no substance. #itWasWrittenTho

"You don't believe the Bible because it was written by men? Tell me who wrote all your text books." And go ahead and trash all other literature as this "book" is the most-historically-accurate and verified of all books.

from Mad World News

New Hit Song Goes Viral, Massively Infuriates Hillary & Her Supporters

Hillary Clinton might have the liberal media and most of Washington, D.C. in her back pocket, but one music group just called out her ongoing antics and life full of corruption in a song that was written especially for Hillary. Within a day after being performed on FOX News, the song has started to go massively viral as it infuriates the Democratic candidate and her sheep supporters as well.


Five minutes.

Writing prompt: He received a call asking for 5 minutes of his time. Thinking it was a sales person, and being in a good mood, he agreed. The person on the other side immediately hung up. When he looked up at the clock, he realized it was 5 minutes ahead.


longtimenosee "Um sir!" I turned around. I was practically done with everything. All I needed was my bed, my computer, my headphones, and my teddy bear. Don't question it. "Sir! Please look here!" I turned around and no one was there. It was probably Ray pulling a joke. I turned back to my computer, numbers glaring at me. "Sir! Down here!" I didn't turn around. Ray could be such a pain. "Sir, now do you see me?" This little twinkling thing began walking across the top of my computer. I…

Prayer for our Nation - Join me in praying this for our nation. It was written by Stormie Omartian.


Lol I flirt with anyone, male, female, animal. I don't even call it flirting, it's just my friendly open personality. If I was actually attracted to someone of the opposite sex I wouldn't out right flirt, I'm more shy.