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from BBC News

Healthy Italian diet suffers as economic crisis bites

Italians are abandoning their famously healthy Mediterranean diet as the effects of the financial crisis take effect, finds the BBC's Emma Jane Kirby.

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Pizza dough

The secrets of the Italian diet


The Italian secret diet in 10 easy rules.

Sophia Loren Feeling like on a secret-mission, Me, a non-Italian with a normal metabolism have been analysing the Italian diet for more than 4 years and finding out why obesity and over-weight are not major problems in this amazing country. If you take a quick look at the Italian population ever...

Cucidati Recipe (Italian Fig Cookies) – Delicious! Figs are a staple in the Italian diet. We eat them fresh, when we can find them, we eat them dried, we eat them made into jams and jellies, and we love them in cookies. Many Italians have fig trees and grow their own figs. If you are …

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I went to Italy to eat, and learned an ugly truth about the Italian diet

This brief immersion in the mythical Mediterranean diet got me wondering about…