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authentic Italian gravy recipe - Authentic Italian Gravy Recipe using RedPack tomatoes. Uses 4 different types of meats, plus a long simmering time to make a delicious authentic Italian Gravy.

Four Meat Italian Gravy using Tuttorosso Tomatoes.This classic, meat-packed Italian gravy will score you some major home chef points. Perfect for your Sunday sauce, it takes a few hours for these flavors to develop. Give yourself some time when making this thick, meaty sauce. #SundaySauce #TuttorososRecipes

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Meatballs for Italian Gravy

These go with my Italian gravy article. If you didn't read it Italian gravy or red gravy is a savory tomato sauce in which meats are slow cooked until tender and fantastic. Start the meatballs after you have the gravy already cooking--they don't...

Old Style Italian Gravy Recipe | Victoria's Recipes. Close to my Mom's creation. She mostly did meatballs and sausage. Many times pork.

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How To Make Real Italian Gravy

Americans of Italian descent that live in the north east refer to tomato sauce cooked slowly with various meats and spices as gravy--and I'm here to tell you there is nothing better than Italian gravy when it is prepared correctly. I married a woman...