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Iud Brands

watercolor map sketches by Emily Garfield | via @nanych

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grayskymorning: The Butcher’s Daughter

grayskymorning: “ The Butcher’s Daughter | West Village, NYC ”

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Emmelie De La Cruz

4 Secrets to Help You Master Your Personal Brand | Levo League | personal brand, work productivity


The IUD: The Best Form of Birth Control is the One No One is Using

note to self: Dalkon Shields are scary-looking af


Project Life: Week 15

do "before" and "after" pics of a decorating or organizing project.

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How To Actually Get Your Free Birth Control

How To Actually Get Your Free Birth Control - Just to add to this, if I remember correctly, insurance companies have to cover at least one option of every type, but they don't have to cover ALL birth control. This means that some companies cover generic pills but not brand names, or cover one IUD but not another. So before assuming the particular brand is covered, check with your insurance company.


A Intrauterine Device (IUD) are synthetic devices that are inserted by a medical provider to prevent pregnancy. The perfect use and typical use effectiveness is 99%. The IUD is inserted past the cervix into the uterus. This block sperm from fertilization. The advantages is there is no systemic side effects. No planning before intercourse is necessary. It provides probable protection against endometrial & cervical cancer. Disadvantage it may cause increased monthly blood loss and possible…

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Bayer Admits It Paid "Millions" in HIV Infection Cases -- Just Not in English

Bayer Admits It Paid "Millions" in HIV Infection Cases -- Just Not in English - CBS News


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