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Iud Coil

from Netdoctor

Contraceptive coils (IUDs)

The IUD (coil) is a small, T-shaped contraceptive device intesrted into the womb to prevent pregnancy. Find out how well they protect you against pregnancy

IUD (intrauterine device) - featured in my latest post at

from The Debrief

11 Non-Hormonal Contraceptive Methods

Intrauterine device - the coil can last for 5 to 10 years, depending on which version is used

from Verywell

4 Different Methods of Artificial Insemination

What is Artificial Insemination?: Artificial insemination involves the placement of semen or sperm into a woman's reproductive tract. Usually, the procedure takes place in the doctor's office.


Natural Family Planning - free, total, faithful, fruitful. More people should embrace this. Birth control is unnatural and harmful to your body!

from The Huffington Post

What Women Need To Know About Essure, From Erin Brockovich (VIDEO)

Is the IUD Essure harmful to women? Consumer advocate Erin Brockovich explains that this product is almost like a corkscrew -- when it's inserted into the fallopian tube, and scar tissue adheres around it.



Copper ions aren’t scary – promise! Find out more about them by clicking the link in our bio. #wordoftheday #contraception #yourperfectmatch #IUD #coil