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Iud Effectiveness

Women Sue Bayer Over #Mirena IUD Injuries



Your IUD & Birth Control Implant Remain Effective For Longer Than You Think, So Ladies, Save Your Money

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Is It Normal to Bleed After Sex If You Have an Intrauterine Device (IUD)?

In most cases, an IUD doesn’t cause bleeding after sex. Learn about the benefits and risks of using an IUD, as well as common causes of bleeding after sex.


I Love My IUD — But Not The Side Effects

Your most pressing IUD questions, answered

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Why gynecologists think IUDs are the best contraceptive

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Wow. This could be a game-changer for so many women. Highly effective birth control for three years straight... for $50. The new Liletta IUD intra-uterine device (Courtesy of Medicines360)


IUDs Are Getting More Popular With American Women

More U.S. women are using the IUD or implant

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IUD Evangelism: The Birth Control That Converts

Long-acting reversible birth control methods have been found to be the most effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy. New York Magazine has also noticed that women who get IUD's often love their particular method of contraception - and want to tell their friends about it. What do you think? Check out what they have to say in their article, "IUD Evangelism: The Birth Control That Converts" here:


Lead Like a Psychiatrist, Not a Surgeon

The Mirena IUD has been the subject of a growing number of lawsuits. Learn more about some of the lesser known but dangerous side effects. #defectivedrug