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If you’ve ever had a conversation with your doctor about birth control to prevent conception (versus manage the symptoms of a fertility health issue), you are likely to have heard of the option called an IUD, or intrauterine device. #naturalfertility #infertility #fertility #NaturalFertilityInfo

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IUDs Safe Contraceptives for Teens, Study Finds

Today's IUDs are a safe method of birth control for teens, a new study demonstrates! IUDs should be among the options considered to address teen pregnancy rates.

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IUD use attracts new opposition from anti-abortion groups

A pro-life activist protesting IUDs


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Pros and cons of using an IUD called Mirena (Video)

El #DIU es uno de los métodos #anticonceptivos con mayor tasa de efectividad, aunque hay muchos falsos mitos que disminuyen su uso en España. Aprende cuáles son todos sus #beneficios.

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Contraceptive Comeback: The Maligned IUD Gets a Second Chance

Increasing Number of Teens Using Long-Term Birth Control -


See How Every Form of Birth Control Actually Works

Your ultimate guide, from abstinence to the IUD #WheresTheFP


Your Guide to Choosing the Right Birth Control for You The pill, the ring, IUDs -- these options will soon be free. (Yep, you read that right!) Check out the latest scoop here, and follow our guide to find the best method for you.


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