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Iud Procedure

from Women's Health

9 Things You Need to Know About IUDs

Perfect use: 99% Typical use: simliar to perfect since it's placed by a doctor. Advantages: Lasts 3-10 years, totally safe, reversible, insurance may cover it, may calm harsh periods, very effective, medical screening. Disadvantages: May hurt when placed, partner may feel it, Bad reputation from earlier IUDs Must consult a doctor and minor surgical (technically) procedure for placement.

from Verywell

4 Different Methods of Artificial Insemination

What is Artificial Insemination?: Artificial insemination involves the placement of semen or sperm into a woman's reproductive tract. Usually, the procedure takes place in the doctor's office.


Implanon is one of the implants available for contraceptive use (Greenberg et al., 2014). It is inserted into a woman's upper arm where it releases the hormone progestin.


An IUD is inserted into your uterus by your doctor. The insertion procedure takes only a few minutes and can be done in a doctor's office.


Heavy menstrual bleeding is a rarely discussed but remarkably common condition that affects about 1 in 4 women. It stops women in their tracks. The New England Journal of Medicine study shows that an ‪#‎IUD‬ that releases progestin may be one of the most effective therapies available to women. Those using this treatment option experienced a higher quality of life, including their social routines, work-day routines, family life, and sex.