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Teachers and reading specialists have guided us to say the letter sound before the word for your children to hear the initial letter sound starting the word. Our only exception is the using the word fox with the letter x, because the x in fox accurately makes the (ks – sound). Actively participating in this song daily will help your class achieve the Common Core and national standard of learning one to one letter sound correspondence.


Jack & Jack - Wild Life (Official Music Video) oh my gosh seriously one of the coolest music videos ever I love jack and jack @jackgilinsky


Make counting to 100 and fitness fun a daily activity in your class or home with this educational song for preschool and primary grade children. I included some great crossover the mid-line exercises so children can get the brain benefits from doing lots of crossover moves. Workout, count to 100 and sing along. The Count to 100 Workout Song is a great tool to use to enhance and strengthen counting skills and get some exercise all at the same time.


Jack Johnson an Jack Gilinsky (Jack&Jack) I love their songs/raps! They are the perfect duo with Jack G's smooth singing and Jack J's fast rapping! I love them so much!