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♥ Peter Pan and Jack Frost...I remember first watching the RotG trailer back in July and seeing Jack Frost and thinking, "He's like another Peter Pan with white hair..." :)

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O. M. G. THIS IS SO SAD!!!!!! I wanted to bawl my heart out!!!! Yeah that sound......that sound was my heart breaking......

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Ship #2: Jelsa, or Elsa and Jack Frost. I think they would be adorable together. Jack also has ice powers just as Elsa. He could help her control it. Elsa isolated herself for years and so did jack. This is why they are perfect to me.

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This really hit me in the feels because I've prayed this a couple times (minus the last bit. I'm not invisible ;) )

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“E por que acham que quero ser Guardião?” – JackFrost; “Você está errada sobre o mundo, e você está errada sobre mim!” – Rapunzel; “Eu prefiro morrer do que ser como você”” – Merida; “Será que pelo menos uma vez na vida você pode escutar o que eu to falando?” – Soluço;

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