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THE PROFESSIONALS (1965) - The wife (Claudia Cardinale) of an American businessman is kidnapped & taken into Mexico by bandit leader (Jack Palance) & his gang - Produced & Directed by Richard Brooks - Columbia Pictures - Publicity Still.

from El jergón de Long John Silver.

Aquel Pistolero de Cheyenne.

Jack Palance (February 18, 1919 – November 10, 2006), American actor.


Jack Palance (born Volodymyr Palahniuk; February 18, 1919 – November 10, 2006) was an American actor and singer. During half a century of film and television appearances, he was nominated for three Academy Awards, all for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, winning in 1991 for his role in City Slickers.


Jack Palance... Just seeing his face lights up mine! A classic western Hollywood icon. But what I will always remember is his one armed push ups at the Academy Awards right after winning his Oscar for his role as Curly in City Slickers (one of my favorite movies) "I heard he slit a guy from neck to nuts...he's behind me isn't he?"


Peter Cushing and Jack Palance are two Poe fanatics in Torture Garden (1967). See/read more:


Jack Palance (1919-2006) US Army Air Corps. 455th bomb group. Required facial reconstruction from terrible injuries received in 1943 when as a student pilot, he had to bail out of a burning B-24 Liberator bomber during a training flight over Arizona. Previously he was a boxer.

from SFGate

Jack Palance -- bad guy of Westerns also poet, painter

Jack Palance / SF