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Jacqueline Wilson-Cookie Frequently berated for breaking his hyper-fussy house rules, as well as for her lack of looks, confidence and friends, Beauty lives in uneasy fear whenever Dad’s home. Her pretty, sweet mum is equally afraid of him. Eventually,


5. This is a book all about a girl who growers up in the foundling hospital. Is you like this one there are two more


Jaqueline Wilsons books tend to be targeted at young teens. The covers are bright and appealing, the same as any children's book, however there is more added detail, and illustrations that may suggest personality traits of a character in the book, her front covers are carefully crafted to try and encourage teens to figure out more information about the book simply from the cover

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Childhood Reviews #1 (Afternoon Bookery)

The one of the most heartbreaking children's books by Jacqueline Wilson. Deals with bipolar disorder and alcoholism.