Lucy's Whey The grilled cheese sandwich at Lucy's Whey has garnered an extensive group of followers. These devotees appreciate the careful attention that goes into each bite. With so few ingredients, each one should be extraordinary. If you follow this advice at home, you will see how a humble cheese sandwich can turn heads. You can make as many sandwiches at once as you have room for on a panini press (or in a ridged grill pan weighted on top with a skillet).

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mango jalapeño jam -- serve on sturdy crackers with a creamy cheese (goat, i'd choose), or use on a ham or roast pork sandwich

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Juicy and tender steak sandwich sliders with creamy Brie cheese, caramelized onions, and fig jam. A sweet, savory flavor combination that's out of this world! Easy recipe to make in bulk for a party or for two for a special dinner.

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Spitzbuben (Raspberry Jam Sandwich Cookies) Go ahead...say this one three times fast. Spitzbuben! Fun to say. Even more fun to fill. Recipe -

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Bacon Jam ~ Yes, you read that right ;) This dangerously delicious condiment is perfect for spreading on a burger, sandwich, cracker, toast, or slice of cheese.

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