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Cocoa -- the antioxidant concentration in cocoa was the highest: almost two times stronger than red wine, 2–3 times stronger than green tea, and 4–5 times stronger than that of black tea.

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Dame Daphne du Maurier, Lady Browning DBE (1907-1989) was a British author and playwright. Many of her works have been adapted into films, including the novels Rebecca (which won the Best Picture Oscar in 1941) and Jamaica Inn and the short stories "The Birds" and "Don't Look Now". The first three were directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Her elder sister was the writer Angela du Maurier. Her father was the actor Gerald du Maurier. Her grandfather was the writer and Punch cartoonist George du…

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Jamaican-born chess player Maurice Ashley became the first Black Grandmaster in 1999. That same year, he opened the Harlem Chess Center, where he began coaching young chess players #blackhistory #chess #Jamaica

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Nanny of the Maroons Jamaica c.1680 -c. 1750 Nanny of the Maroons was a Jamaican spiritual leader who fought against British slave trading in the eighteenth century. An expert strategist, Nanny implemented the use of camoflage and guerilla warfare to protect her people. In 1740 she skillfully negotiated autonomy for her people. Although her existence is heavily steeped in myth and superstition, Nanny is still regarded as a historic persona, and is the national heroine of Jamaica today.

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blackhistoryseries: Marcus Garvey hailing from Jamaica - pre MLK - we need to rebirth the pan-African Movement

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Si pudiera conocer a alguien, sería Bob Marley. Creo que era una persona muy sabia y veía las cosas con simpleza.

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Jamaica capital city | new kingston jamaica location of kingston shown within jamaica inline

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Jamaica Motto: "Out of many, one people" Capital: Kingston Official Language: English Government: const. Monarchy Currency: Jamaican Dollar Driving: left Religion: Christianity Flag: -green: lush vegetation -yellow: golden sunshine -black: strengh, creativity of people

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Jamaica - To learn more about Jamaica, click

Sweetsop (Annona squamosa) /PHILIPPINES ATIS Fruta do Conde (Count Fruit) in Brasil

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