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Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee In 1728, the governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicholas Lawes, received one coffee plant as a gift from the Governor of Martinique. The plant took root with vigor and only nine years later, in 1737, coffee exportation began with an initial shipment of 83,000 lbs. This is when the Jamaican coffee industry was born.


Tia Maria is a liqueur that is famous in was originally made in #Jamaica with Jamaican coffee...gotta find this when we go


Jamaican Coffee Brownies - In Jamaica there is coffee known as the "Blue Mountain Coffee" This coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica making coffee a very accessible ingredient and widely used


Wallenford Blue (16oz) -100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Ground Coffee - Our Wallenford Blue, 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is certified by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board (the highest regulatory authority in Jamaica) as being genuine and pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. It is widely recognized by coffee connoisseurs for its smooth delicate taste, and unmistakable aroma. The coffee is roasted in Jamaica by Jamaica Standard Products Company Lim...

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Jamaican Coffee Brownies with Pecans