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February 4, 2015, 5:00 pm Jamberry Review – aka easiest, longest lasting ‘nail polish’ I’ve found fashionista-preview

Nail Wraps Compared - Sally Hansen, Jamberry + More

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while and I'm excited to finally be doing it!! I'm currently reviewing five different nail wrap (stickers, decals, shields, or whatever name you call them). I'm only on day two and they look the same as they did on day one, pictured above. I'm


Tips on Making Your Display Stand Out at Craft Shows and Vendor Events!


An honest review of jamberry nails (and some bachelorette party fun)! What a great girls night idea! Send me an email for more information: Check out the hundreds of cute designs:


BeginNails: Every Journey Has a Beginning: Jamberry Review and Sample Sheet Giveaway. Mix and Match Mani with Jamberry Nail Wrap on middle finger by @Kristi aka Beginnails


StyleBox by Jamberry review #beautybuzz

StyleBox by Jamberry review #beautybuzz | - Sassy Moms In The City The gals just reviewed Jamberry Nails newest product launch, Stylebox. Stylebox is a monthly subscription service of full-sized product (exclusive items included) that ship automatically to you! Your mail just got a little more stylish :) Take a peek here and let me know how I can help you get started :D

Jamberry is great because if you place and order in a party, you don't have to wait for everyone else to place theirs, your order will ship right away!


Black and whites with Jamberry and Sonnetarium. Click through for Jamberry review.