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James Bay - Let It Go i know that you do love him and you believe that u will survive but to him it just a thought, a thought with no hope. it is not your responsibility to fix a broken man, move beyond his selfish and immaturity. you are worth being committed to, and the problem he has are inner issues that he needs to solved himself, If he doesn't want to fix him self for u there is nothing left to do.

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James Bay - Chaos And The Calm LP

James Bay - Collide- "Why don't we do it again?/ Go wrecking something of mine/ Like you deserve the revenge/ Like I've got something to hide/ I keep on playing with you, yeah/ You keep on calling me names/ Sure I can take the abuse/ It's just a game ..."

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Let it Go - James Bay

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So come on, let it go. JUST LET IT BE. Why don't you be you & I'll be me? Everything that's broke, leave it...

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