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James Beckwourth, Pioneer/fur trader born April 6, 1798 Born in Fredricksburg, VA to white master and Black slave mother. Moved to St. Louis as a teen and became a scout with the Rocky Mount Fur Co. In 1824 he was adopted the Crow Indian Nation and married a Crow woman. He was given two Indian names "Bloody Arm" and "Bulls Robe" and fought many wars with them. He later moved West and discovered Beckwourth Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.


James Beckwourth had a life filled with adventure, drama, loss, and regret. Born to parents who were a black slave woman and her owner, Beckwourth was emancipated and headed out into the American West to make his fortune. Once there, Beckwourth met legendary mountain men, fought and was befriended by Native Americans, involved himself in warfare, and hunted buffalo.


Idealized illustration of "Pine Leaf", possibly identified with Woman Chief, from James Beckwourth's autobiography. Wikipedia/Public Domain

James Beckwourth: Mountain Man, Explorer, Chief of the Crow Nation of Indians -