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James Earp, the oldest of the Earp brothers and the one least involved in places like Tombstone.

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Wyatt Earp #2 - In December 1879, Earp joined his brothers Virgil and Morgan in…

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Bessie Earp (1840 - Jan. 22, 1887) Brothel owner, and wife of James Earp. Arrested several times in Wichita for prostitution. She and her common law husband James, the eldest Earp brother, also joined the other Earps in Tombstone.

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Wanted: Wyatt Earp for Questioning About The Gunfight at O.K. Corral | Wanted Poster Via Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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James Earp - James Earp was Wyatt Earp's brother. He was occasionally a lawman, and mostly a saloon owner. He lived the last part of his life locally.

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James Earp (June 28, 1841 Hartford, Kentucky – January 25, 1926 Los Angeles, California) - Soldier, saloon-keeper, and deputy marshal in Dodge City, Kansas, under Marshal Charlie Bassett. *3rd oldest Earp - I can't find a pic of Newton, or Mariah :(

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James Earp. Wyatts oldest full brother.

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