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▶ RIP actor Robin Williams! (b. 1951 Jul 21 > 2014 Aug 11 @63) ••Inside the Actor's Studio•• (2008-11): James Lipton's interview - 5hrs in 4min • one live viewer had to be hospitalized from hernia! cause by uncontrollable laughter! • RW off'l site: • RW wiki: • IAS (since 1994 on Bravo) wiki:


James Lipton: Your favorite word? Paul Newman: My favorite word? James Lipton: Yes, Sir. Paul Newman: Ah..."Try." From "Inside The Actors Studio" (S 1, Ep. 1) Start at 38 min. mark.


If heaven exists.

Chris Colfer Quote. I am a christian and i honestly believe God would say this. You can see in Chris's eyes that he wishes he could believe it. God has his arms outstretched for everyone. After all, He created everyone just as they are.


Al Pacino on Inside the Actors Studio hosted by James Lipton season 12, episode 1 original airdate 2005-10-02 0:20:48 Panic in Needle Park 0:22:17 The Godfather 0:30:02 The Godfather Part II 0:31:19 The Godfather Part III 0:34:23 Serpico 0:35:03 Dog Day Afternoon 0:38:10 ...And Justice for All 0:41:45 Sea of Love 0:42:59 Dick Tracy 0:47:56 Gle...


Edward Norton on Inside the Actors Studio hosted by James Lipton season 9, episode 8 original airdate 2003-01-12 FINALLY. the whole damn thing is here! a very very very big thanks to Monty from the AddictED forum who sent me the missing pieces! 11:19 primal fear 13:12 everyone says i love you 15:05 the people vs. larry flint 16:45 ro...


Jodie Foster on Inside the Actors Studio hosted by James Lipton season 11, episode 21 original airdate 2005-09-25 i had to cut out all the movie bits because otherwise youtube would have blocked the video This video does not belong to me and no copyright infringement is intended. This video has been uploaded for educational end entertaining pu...