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The 6 Most Humiliating Public Failures by Celebrity Psychics

Uri Geller Is Exposed on the Johnny Carson Show. Geller found fame with mind-reading tricks and, more famously, mind-powered spoon bending. He swore that he had psychic powers. Geller was booked to appear on The Tonight Show. Host Johnny Carson surprised Geller on the show by presenting a table full of assorted spoons and knickknacks, rather than letting Geller bring his own props. The result was one of the most tense and cringe-worthy appearances in talk show history.

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James Randi's fiery takedown of psychic fraud - Very interesting considering the fact, I like Mulder, want to believe...

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No amount of belief makes something a fact ~ James Randi Except the fact that so many people believe in things without questioning.

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James Randi - One of the most influential intellectuals and challenger of paranormal claims and pseudoscience.

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See 2 hours of Randi here: James "The Amazing" Randi is the perfect mix of Science and Magic, a true conjurer of ...

James Randi - Secrets of the Psychics Documentary (Full) a very impressive person. Randi pulled me out of an audience once to do a magic trick, I still don't know how he predicted what card I would chose.