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Achieving Sustainability with Design Thinking: Janine Benyus on Biomimicry. Janine Benyus urges us to look to nature in our designs in the way we once did using biomimicry. She highlights the importance of understanding our analogues to nature through biological and biochemical systems that are already in place. Only by appreciating the intelligence of ecosystems and organisms can we apply the same genius to our own fabrications.

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12 big ideas from biology that should inform all design and solutions to our problems - Janine Benyus 1. Self Assembly 2. CO2 as a Feedstock 3. Solar Transformation 4. The Power of Shape 5. Quenching Thirst 6. Metals without Mining 7. Green Chemistry 8. Timed Degradation 9. Resilience and Healing 10. Sensing and Responding 11. Growing Fertility 12. Life Creates Conditions Conducive to Life


Janine Benyus: Biomimicry's surprising lessons from nature's engineers | Video on Using successful animal adaptations to inspire the design process


"Right now, we humans are filling a pioneering niche. We are acting like the weeds in a newly turned farmer’s field. These weeds move into a sun-filled space and use nutrients and water as quickly as they can, turning them into plant bodies and plenty of seeds..." JANINE BENYUS


Janine Benyus has a message for inventors: When solving a design problem, look to nature first. There you'll find inspired designs for making things waterproof, aerodynamic, solar-powered and more. Here she reveals dozens of new products that take their cue from nature with spectacular results.

from TreeHugger

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is hosting a video of Janine M. Benyus, author of Biomimicry. We recommend that you check it out.