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Detail 2 Mile High Shochikubai stitched by Irene Burton – Embroiderers' Guild ACT

Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo | Cari Mateo

Found these great linen bags with embroidery on both sides in the Japanese handmade market site, Creema. These are sold under the brand name, Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo. The Japanese embroidery met… Supernatural St

Stunning intricate embroidery on a Japanese Kimono

On Black Background! Stunning intricate embroidery on a Japanese Kimono

Sashiko is a Japanese embroidery style with fascinating geometrical patterns made by running stitch traditionally to a dark blue fabric with a white thread – but you can be creative and use other colo

Hurricane lily. I don't think I've ever seen that in embroidery before.

Embroidered hurricane lilies with wheat shafts in ribbon.