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A helpful guide to some of the most common Japanese food terms found on restaurant menus, so you know what to expect next time you order! | chopstickchronicles #Japan #Food_Terms

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Squee With Delight at These Bouncing Sushi GIFs

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Cocina japonesa para principiantes. Variedades de setas japonesas

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Narutomaki (Kamaboko)_This is how you make Narutomaki_Where Does Naruto name come from?_Naruto is name after the Japan food Narutomaki? Naruto is a Japanese Fish Cake with a Pink Spiral commonly used to decorate ramen. For those of you who don't know, those swirly flakes in your ramen soup are called Narutomaki - a form of Kamaboko called narutomaki because it is reminiscent of the whirlpools in the naruto sea.

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Grilled rice ball - click on the name down below to picture and see the reviews for the recipe (basically you make the onigiri then brush with soy sauce, then fry it so it looks like the picture).

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Homemade Soba Noodles

Homemade Soba Noodles - an easy way to make your own soba noodles using food processor and pasta machine

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MAMEZUSHI aka MAIKOZUSHI ~~~ mamezushi means small sushi bean and are named such due to the small and spherical shape (approx half-sized bites). sometimes they are called maikozushi to reflect the the district's many maiko residents (apprentice geisha). the above image's presentation is shared with us courtesy of, "restaurant mametora" in kyoto, japan. [rocketnews24] [Japan, Kyoto Modern] [plating inspiration, image only]

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