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17 Of The Most ‘Out-Of-The-Box’ Japanese Products Ever Invented

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These 22 Inventions Are So Absurd That... I Kinda Want Them. Although #17 Is Just Sad.

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29 Weird Japanese Inventions That You Don’t Need… But Will Definitely Want. -

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32 Bizarre Inventions From Japan… I Can’t Believe #17 Actually Exists. -

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Special cost-effective 360-degree panoramic camera - REALLY PEOPLE? Some Asian inventions are SO WEIRD!

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19 Awesomely Impractical Japanese Inventions

19 Awesomely Impractical Japanese Inventions - Chindōgu (n.): The Japanese art of inventing gadgets that are seemingly useful but too absurd to actually use./ For everyone who wears pants without pockets

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