Like Lincoln Logs, but life-sized. | 39 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself @Lauren Herring

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Hino-Komuro 1908 The Hino-Komuro pistol (sometimes spelled Komura) was developed by a young Japanese inventor named Kumazo Hino, and financed by Tomijiro Komuro in the first decade of the 20th century. There are only about a half dozen known examples of the Hino-Komuro still existing, and most are in .32ACP caliber, with a couple in 8mm Nambu. Period advertising for the gun indicates that they were offered in other calibers as well (including 5mm and 6.35mm).

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The reason why Nintendo’s Super Mario smartphone game won’t have in-app purchases is brilliant ,

Implant made from pig skin offers minimal scarring and speedy recovery for patients | Daily Mail Online

[brightcove video="1483288688001" /] Japanese inventors, presumably looking for some peace and quiet, have invented SpeechJammer -- a device that can instantly shut down a person's ability to speak. You might be familiar with that odd echo when your speech is played back to you immediately ...

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'land peel' is a furniture developed by japanese industrial design student shin yamashita from the kyoto institute of technology.

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"Japanese inventor uses modified FDM 3D printer to 3D print plants in any shape and size" - 24/10/14

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In 1936, Japanese magazine Shonen Club published World Transportation Invention Competition — an illustrated series envisioning the future of transportation, based on concepts by inventors from around the world.

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