Sleeping on the floor like this puts me at ease.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

45 Fabulous minimalist bedroom design ideas

TATAMI BED is a very unique sofa bed. Traditional Tatami is used as a back rest. Combined with 2 special made braces, that ensures the stability of the Tatami. Included : 2 Back Cushions and Futon in size 140 x 200 cm! Sofa position : 88 x 140 cm Bed dime

EMOOR Compact-Sized Japanese Futon Set, Twin Size. Made in Japan

Shikibuton Buyer's Guide: The Traditional Japanese Futon Mattress

EMOOR CompactSized Japanese Futon Set Twin Size Made in Japan >>> Visit the image link more details.

easy diy japanese style futon mattress for the bedroom

easy diy japanese style futon mattress for the bedroom - although this is not a French-style mattress I thought it might come in handy!

Put the bed away every morning, and voila! the room becomes whatever else you want! from here:

In many Japanese households, people still sleep on mattresses that are folded and stored away during the day.

The Japanese Shikifuton mattress makes a cozy, minimalist sanctuary.

Sleeping "Japanese style" on a futon mattress directly on the floor has numerous health benefits, including better sleep and less back pain. - Japanese Futon Mattress, $165.00 (

Japanese Futon Mattress - Japanese Futon Mattress, $165.00 (

40 Low Height & Floor Bed Designs That Will Make You Sleepy

While low beds are famously associated with Japanese design, they& beginning to catch on in modern design circles - and for those whose knees can handle them,