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Chuuhai is a Japanese cocktail that uses any fizzy drink and shochu (a rice or wheat distilled spirit, sometimes refered as Japanese Vodka or Soju) – it’s short for Shochu High Ball (High = Hai). It’s been popular since the 80s, and if you go to an izakaya or any Japanese bar for that matter, you’ll probably see a good selection of it. For the shochu, I like Ginza no Suzume (Sparrows of Ginza) because it’s the least abrasive and mildly sweet, so it won’t interfere with other flavors. What…

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6 Vodkas for People Who Think They Don't Like Vodka

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10 Bloody Delicious Bloody Marys

<p>1.5 oz savory vodka (i.e. Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka, pepper vodka, etc.)<br /> 1 oz lemon juice<br /> 1 oz simple syrup<br /> 2 basil leaves<br /> 4-5 yellow cherry tomatoes<br /> 4-5 slices Japanese cucumber, chopped<br /> 2-3 turns of freshly cracked black pepper<br /> Pinch of smoked paprika<br /> Garnish: 3-4 slices of japanese cucumber, basil sprig<br /> Salted rim (optional)</p> <p><strong>Directions</strong>: Combine tomatoes, cucumber, lemon juice, simple syrup and basil…

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Andy Hamilton's delicious Japanese knotweed vodka


Saketini – Sake Martini

Saketini or Sake Martini is a classic vodka martini where dry vermouth is replaced by sake, a Japanese alcohol made from rice. Follow this recipe and discover how good saketini tastes.


Polish vodka brand Wyborowa has just launched a collection of unusual flavors ‘Oddka’—that includes a fiery wasabi-flavored vodka. Inspired by the stealthy skills of the Japanese ninja, the intensely-hot taste of the famous green horse radish condiment is supposed to “creep up on your taste buds”.


Watch Japanese Pudding Molded Into A Giant Vodka Filled Twerking Butt (NSFW

Watch Japanese Pudding Molded Into A Giant Vodka Filled Twerking Butt (NSFW) -

Berries can also help put the "fresh" in refreshments. From far left: Greet guests with nonalcoholic blueberry soda, toast with golden raspberry Prosecco, or serve a signature drink like strawberry shochu -- a Japanese liquor similar to vodka -- with strawberry granita.