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Japanese Warrior Names

No. 2 from the series Ten Famous Feats of Tametomo - Tametomo homare no jikketsu (為朝譽十傑) Minamoto no Tametomo in his youth separates two fighting wolf-cubs with his bow. He kept them as pets, naming them Yokaze and Yamao. A rare Kuniyoshi warrior series depicting the heroic feats of the young Tametomo of which this is #2.


Yasuke African Samurai of the Japanese Warlord Nobunaga Oda. Yasuke (彌介) (c. 1556-?) is a Japanese name used to refer to a black (African) retainer who for a short time was in the service of the Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga.


..TAKESHI (武): Japanese name meaning "fierce, violent," hence "warrior." Guess that a perfect name for him


Yumi (弓?) is the Japanese term for bows, and includes the longer daikyū (大弓?) and the shorter hankyū (半弓?) used in the practice of kyūdō, or Japanese archery. The yumi was an important weapon of the samurai warrior during the feudal period of Japan Yumi is also a Japanese name


Have you ever seen real samurai swords? They are reallly really cool and beautiful! Katana or nihonto (Japanese name of samurai sword), is known throughout the world for its beauty and sharpness. You can see the artistically decorated scabbard, and also the wave pattern of the blade called hamon, which are the characteristics of katana.


Tengu "heavenly phoenix") are a class of supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, Half humanoide, half crow. Legends ascribed to them great knowledge in the art of skilled combat. As well as being the instructors of famous warriors in Japans History. Including the Ninja


Akiya Kageichi is a Japanese illustrator who calls himself Golden Gravel, a name which may refer to Japanese rock gardens. His sinister jesters, lazy rulers and clandestine warriors are set within …