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Jasmine Plant For Sale

Winter Jasmine Flower Fairy Vintage Print by Cicely Mary Barker, first published in London by Blackie, 1944 in Flower Fairies of the Garden.

Night blooming jasmine when under the moon, can send some to rave just like a loon, so this locket is not meant for the tame, whatever happens

GROUND COVERS Low maintenance and attractive. Completes any landscape. Choose Asian Jasmine, Monkey Grass, Dwarf Monkey Grass, Liriope and Aztec Grass. 4” pots regularly $1.29 Sale .88

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Rose Garden Cold Process Soap Tutorial

Two weeks of deals, sales and tutorials ends today with this beautiful Rose Garden Cold Process tutorial. This is a two-part recipe so it is more time intensive than other cold process recipes, but the flowery result is worth it. The first part is making the soapy roses out of cold process frosting, and the …

Bleeding heart - one of the most spectacular blooming vines. Spectacular, dramatic flowers are slightly flat, they have white sepals on either side of bright crimson petals. The appearance may be liken to a line of dangling hearts, each emerging from the other. This plant is often seen in pots where it will abide in a continual state of flowering. As long as you provide lots of light to it, it'll bloom most of the time.

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Plant-Based Egg Substitute Backed by Bill Gates Goes on Sale at Whole Foods

Beyond Eggs, Hampton Creek Foods. Tech giants Peter Thiel and Bill Gates introduced a revolutionary new product to the public this week, and it had nothing to do with computers or software. Beyond Eggs from Hampton Creek Foods is a plant-based “artificial egg” that is meant to replace the animal products in everything from baked goods to mayonnaise.