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You know what the problem is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem but everyone refuses to believe in magic.

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Fabulous exit, courtesy of Jefferson/Mad Hatter. How I will now exit all rooms. Once Upon a Time.

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Sebastian Stan + OUAT/Highway found on: , source:

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Which 'Once Upon A Time' Character Are You?

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J&B Met 2013: “Made to Fly”

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The disdain, the scorn, the sarcasm in that delightfully sardonic smile.. He just makes you want to grab him by the scarf and wrench him close, if only to brush your lips over his smiling ones -- Whoops, I'm getting carried away again~~^^; Jefferson, the Mad Hatter, Once Upon a Time("Apple Red as Blood")<< Hon, if he's giving you that smile, you're in trouble.

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I love Hatter, but my favorite was Graham, sorry. But at least Hatter has the possibility of returning, Graham is a little too dead to come back.

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