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Jelly fish costume made from recycled plastic grocery bags, iridescent cellophane, battery operated white LED lights & a $10 parasol umbrella


Fiber Optic Jellyfish Skirt

Because the effect of fiber optics is so fascinating I was thinking about making an oufit for Burning Man with fiber optics and RGB LEDs. It took me s...

DIY Halloween Costume: Jellyfish

DIY Jelly Fish Costume. #halloween #diyhalloween #diycostume Photography: Ruth Eileen -


Jelly Fish Costume

Alina: Marci and I made the Costumes out of Clear umbrellas from wal-mart and sheer fabrics that we sewed a single string through to make the tentacles. We also purchased some...

This is a pic of Jelly fish costume I made last year! There were six color changing fiber optic lamps in the "head"... And battery powered, blinking lights in some "tendrils". It was a pain to make, but looked beautiful in the dark!


Adult Jelly Fish (super easy costume: umbrella + streamers).