"For anyone that doubted my 211 lbs at pregnancy here is a photo I found! Meaty meaty a--! Whoa!"– Jenny McCarthy, Tweeting a photo from 2002 of her pregnant with son Evan

Ignoring the fact this is Jenny McCarthy spreading misinformation at an event for pregnant women, I love the colour blocking on this dress.

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Ciara (pictured with Jenny McCarthy) confirmed she is pregnant on The View. For weeks, there's been much speculation about whether or not the dancing diva was carrying a child. And she is! Ciara and fiancé Future are expected to wed later this year.

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Jenny McCarthy: "Dear @JessicaSimpson I think pregnant women look perfect just they way they are!" Love this! Makes me feel so much better about my own pregnancy weight.

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Belly Laughs by Jenny by McCarthy: This book by American actress Jenny McCarthy reveals everything about pregnancy, she talks about the joys, pain that a women endures, pregnant sex and more. What’s interesting is that the author while depicting the story presents it in a humourous way, which makes it a must read.

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5 1/2 boxes of skinny Stix. Used by Jenny McCarthy to help tone and shape her body!! Love this stuff just can't use it while pregnant or breastfeeding. Other

Belly Laughs, 10th anniversary edition | http://paperloveanddreams.com/book/721183793/belly-laughs-10th-anniversary-edition | THE RUNAWAY NATIONAL BESTSELLER Revealing the naked truth about the tremendous joys, the excruciating pains, and the inevitable disfigurement that go along with pregnancy, Jenny McCarthy tells you what you canreallyexpect when you're expecting! From morning sickness and hormonal rage, to hemorrhoids, granny panties, pregnant sex, and the torture and sweet relief that…

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