Jensen Ackles' cover song, "Angeles". Parts of the video were shot with Jared's iPhone. A gorgeous cover. <3 #SuperanturalCast

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Jason Manns & Jensen Ackles | Crazy Love [lyrics] - YouTube Oh god yes.... I just love hearing Jensen sing <3

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Jensen Ackles singing "Whipping Post" at NashCon 2016! The confidence he has now when singing vs. when SPN started is amazing!

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Jensen Ackles singing Simple Man Vancon 2016. Why yes, that is Mark Sheppard on drums! :D Rob Benedict is playing guitar too, but you don't see him until the last shot at the very end.

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2016 JIBcon Jailbreak - Jensen, Jason, Rob, Tim, Laura, Richard.....Jensen's got some serious soul!!

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[GIFSET] Jensen performing at conventions Then and Now. It’s great seeing how much more confident he's gotten over the years.

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