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Women in the Scriptures Jeopardy! This is really a fun presentation and is perfect for introducing a group to the known (and little known) women of the scriptures. It includes women from the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price.

from Mental Floss

15 Brainy Secrets of ‘Jeopardy!’ Winners

15 Brainy Secrets of ‘Jeopardy!’ Winners | Mental Floss

Smug Jeopardy Winner Rips Other Contestant's Heart Out By Beating Him By $1

15 Brainy Secrets of ‘Jeopardy!’ Winners | Mental Floss

from Entrepreneur

IBM to Open Up Jeopardy Winner Watson's 'Brain' for Everyone

Big Blue aims to spur innovation in the cognitive intelligence space by making the software publicly available for developers.


Revolt of African Slaves in Iraq (Princeton Series on the Middle East) by Alexandre Popovic


I Got Jeopardy Winner!!! Congratulations! You are definitely prepared to be a Jeopardy Winner! This was truly a collection of diverse questions, and you obviously have an eclectic knowledge base that is well suited for Jeopardy dominance. Whether you watch Jeopardy regularly, read a lot, or are just naturally good at remembering facts and figures, we salute your mastery of this quiz! Think your friends and family are up to the test? Share this Jeopardy quiz and let’s see how well they do!