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Jess and Syd @ an ugly sweater party

Jessie James Decker

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mira hears her text tone go off in her bedroom and hurries to get it, hoping its a good morning text from her fiancé. though it could considered a 'good morning text', it doesn't exactly conform to the guidelines. warner has asked, "what do you call mixing coffee with hard liquor?" chuckling as she typed her response, mira replies, "getting ready for work."

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Jessica James Hair tutorial. I'm showing this to Brandon so he will stop making fun of me when I tease the absolute shit out of my hair and sprinkle dust it in it! This is how I do my hair but she's way better at it

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11 Reasons to Prove Jessie James Will Be Eric Decker?s Biggest Fan on Super Bowl Sunday on Eric And Jessie

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