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Best Local Breweries In Austin The atmosphere is wonderful, the people are great and the beer is tasty! Buy a glass and sip the day away ...


I've become a big fan of Jester King in the one year they've been producing. Visit their tasting room (open every Saturday) for special brews unavailable anywhere else. They've got a great property for hanging out and their brews are some of the best in the state. Be sure and pick up the Black Metal Stout and Wytchmaker Rye in bottles at Central Market and H.E.B.


Tom Durie, fool of Queen Anne of Demark, 1614 Tom Derry or Durie was the ‘fool’ employed by Queen Anne of Denmark,the wife of King James VI and I.Monarchs and some aristocrats maintained the medieval tradition of keeping a fool or jester as part of their household until well into the seventeenth century. A much-loved servant, the Queen commissioned portraits of Derry by two of her favourite lisby1, via Flickr