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Jesus calms the storm craft. Shake it up and see the boat in the storm. ( Blue coloured water + oil + little boat cut from plastic plate + tightly screwed lid )

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Pre K Jesus calms the storm lesson

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A foldable craft to retell the story: Jesus Calms a Storm

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Jesus Calms the Storm word_seach

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Jesus Calms the Storm: Snack (could also use with other stories involving boats)

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This craft is simple, but fun. It will help reinforce the story of Jesus calming the sea. It’s a nice reminder that when the world is raging around us, God is in control of it all.

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A fun game for kids to reinforce the miracle of Jesus calming the storm.

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Jesus calms the storm , Mark 4, worksheet (for older kids)

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miracles of Jesus coloring pages

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VBS craft- a Prayer Jar. Use a small, 8 oz, water bottle. Drink or dump about 1/2 out. Add blue food coloring to remaining water. Then add vegetable oil and glitter. Hot glue the top back onto the bottle. Have the children shake and explain how it resembles a storm. Glue on the Prayer Jar note: when you are nervous, upset or worried, shake this bottle. The oil, water and glitter will mix. Pray to God until the liquids separate back out. Jesus calms our storms.

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